Issue #20

Best of Del Sol Review
In Memoriam

    Poetry, Fiction, Quiction, Non-fiction


Self-Portrait as Postscript
     Christopher Locke (#18)

Being Hard
     Helen Ruggieri (#14)

Because I Could Not Make the Orchid Bloom
     Rosemarie Johnstone (#12)

In Our Dark
     Chad Faries (#13)

It's Not the Day I See
     Rachel Galvin (#9)

     Diana Adams (#11)

Across the Calm Blue Lake
     Christopher Kennedy (#10)

The Nighthawk Takes a Gander
     Corwin Ericson (#9)

I Sing of Those Who Die by Suicide
     John Kryder (#13)

Scheduling Amnesia
     Jack Conway (#14)


The Old Greek
     Derek Alger (#10)

Toon Red Nav Ardnaxela
     Lisa Thompson (#9)

Easy Go
     Mary Beth Caschetta (#15)

The Jihad of Agha-ye Rahimi
     Leissa Shahrak (#12)

     Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry (#14)

Liquid Duano
     Jay Ponteri (#13)

Tales of Dick ... And Jane
     Nin Andrews (#11)

The Curve of the Earth
     Susan Morgan (#15)

Public Access
     Elizabeth Wetmore (#12)

Cross My Heart
     K.M. Clark (#18)

Etzel's Piano
     Grace Theriault-Mayfield (#13)


Ask Your Doctor If This Drug Is Right For You
     Kurt Brown (#14)

The Beating
     Cary Tennis (#18)

The Way Fire Talks to Wood
     Christine Boyka Kluge (#11)

The Jealousy of Angels
     Justin Taylor (#14)

Creative Non-Fiction

Against My Father's Funeral
     Lori Toppel (#14)

How to Survive the Crash
     Natalia Singer (#9)

Service Dating
     Darcy Wakefield (#10)

The Burial Train of Ashong
     Libby Jacobs

The Military Industrial Complex and Me
     Walt Cummins




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