Summer 2008, #15
       "Convenient Acts of Human Behavior"

Poisoned Awake

     by Sammy Greenspan

Throat locked, and limb of tongue that sees you whole,
groaning, a brevity of ribs heaved up to winter's leaking
of light without so much as a nod. What remains
in the wounding absence, the roaring behind eyes, I am.

I eat you whole, hips hammering, my tender liquid love
carve you fierce, lay you out for bear. My clan is hidden,
my medicine dark. What healing this is slips like smoke,
every garbled hope rising like a singed memory,
unstable unspoken honey coated torso

decapitated on the trail, the ripped throat singing,
cave of chest cradling a stolen nest. Even in the desert,
the hidden emerges. Groggy womb of spring,
in what remains after burning, I dream your lush return.
Solitary alchemist, I drink lead and sublimate,

poisoned awake to pure spirit, like spider
upon a web of air.