Fall 2009, #16
       "Woodchuck vs. the Hank Williams Zombie"

Two Poems

     by Nava Fader

What layers of imposture (Adrienne Rich)

Not enough cloth
muslin eye
patch but this first
liquefy and remove the organs
mortify and blue opal
at the corners of the mouth

the muckle mouthed fishtailed
swimmer my tendriled bridesmaid
lipstick cant get a bead
on a moving target tears

are fingers drawn down the face in black blue

swath her still
concession the slow walk filmy vision

why in myths she is beaked and bludgeons
which eye lazy or floppy airway causes choking

horse maiden a curse on those
who enter here and disturb these
coins and dust heavy silks the oldest

inveterate mistakes the strata:
plasma calcium skin whisper
then nothing lip knuckled down.

What secreted for the future // bardic or technological (Adrienne Rich)

river runoff love
canal a message
to all future generations fly this kite
tomorrow tomcat tail expressive
on the prowl proud falls

box up this sexy
this not even trying
and making it

lip implants scaffold
I’m melting I’m molting
thumbs in flesh as fruit
incessant buzzing barcoded for inventory.