The "Do You Have Lots of Faults Too?" Issue



Whose idea was this?

the same as coming just close enough.
A denial of trespass.

And similarly he separates
with a gravity–
an ability to raise his bones
against the ground.
To appear closer to a source of light,
or a different day,
a minute, one farther from this,
and better, potentially.

Made to trespass.
Made to forgive.

was this?


And the wind was rough.
The moon, its fullest. His
body outlined
only by light.

A Logical Reason

The moon, its fullest.

The obtrusion of music.

The interruption of one notices either,

or one noticing another noticing something.

A break in attention.

The logic of distraction.

I forgot where I was going with this. Anyway,
I've been noticing payphones and clocks.
Naturally, voices and hands.
Particular ones.

Fences. They're everywhere.
Potential improvements, I'm told.
I'm told the Hollywood sign got a facelift,
a fresh coat of paint.


(Insert: The obtruding obtrusion.
The Greek definition of "sympathy.")


And it's not that he hasn't made mistakes.
Things are just different now:
he knows exactly where to find what he's looking for.

It's more a question of questioning if he wants to find anything at all.


Envy the invisible enemy,
intercept inevitability.
It's your right, I'm told,
It's your right to try.

Now, Narcissus understood the impossible.
He wasn't under a spell.
It was a sight so binding
his eyes couldn't bend away.

I think he looked at himself and said:
I just can't. I just can't quit.

Anyway, he sure was pretty.


I'm noticing more things that
keep people in or keep people out.
I'm noticing people noticing more things.
I'm nervous I'll have to tell myself:
You just have to; you
just have to
quit looking.


A cavity.
A shadow.
Surely, the obtrusion of voices.
Whose idea was this?