Del Sol Review #15
       "Convenient Acts of Human Behavior"


      Poetry and Fiction,  From the Archives
        New Voices,   new BEAT POETRY

Poetry and Fiction

Blue Sky Elegy
There Is Only This
     Mary Jo Bang

In Defense of Audrey Hepburn
     Daniel Morrow

The Wire Garden
The Pier and The Bridge
     Robert Hill Long

Small-towner at Seventeen – An American Triptych
     Ann Garvin

Summer Soldiers
     Melissa Broder

     Aileen Yoo

Doctor of Maps
Mountain Gossip
     F. Daniel Rzicznek

Hermetic Psalm
     Brad Richard

Year of The Rhinoceros
     Michael Neff

Breakfast in My Twenties
     Jason Tandon

And then it was like she could see another Scott inside the Scott in front of her
     Diana Adams

Queen of The Block
     Madhushree Ghosh

A Spade in The Canadian Shield
     Adam Dickinson

How to Live on Bread and Music
     Jennifer Sweeney

Poisoned Awake
     Sammy Greenspan

     Amy Newman

La Cocina
River de la Seine
     Avery Slater

Hunting All Day Beneath The Long-night Moon
     Chris Dombrowski

Woman with Fruit
     Diane Lockward

New Voices

Easy Go
     Mary Beth Caschetta

With The Greatest of Ease
     Mia Kammeyer-Mueller

The Curve of The Earth
     Susan Morgan

Blessed Are Those
     Peter A. Balaskas

Piney's Way
     L B Gschwandtner

From The Archives

Wrong Husband
     Flaminia Ocampo

Listening Hours
     Nan Leslie

She Was Moist
     Andy Mozina

Boo Hoo Hoo
     Linh Dinh

The Nobel Prize for Shoes
     Maxine Chernoff

The Three Properties of Life
     Joanna Wos

     Lina Ramona Vitkauskas

Fly Into Another's Cage
     Paula Chertok

Air Show
     Pamela Painter

To Be Honest
     Deborah Olin Unferth



Is American Foreign Policy a War of All Against All?: "A Savage Struggle Between Relatives" by Joseph Bertolini


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Audrey Hepburn