Del Sol Review #16
       The "Woodchuck vs.
       the Hank Williams Zombie" Issue


 Poetry,  International Fiction,
     Much More Poetry,  New Voices,
     Ted's Zombie Story, and More


Failed to Include
U.S. History
Miracle on the Hudson
A Bruise That Stains the Teeth
     Amy King

International Fiction

Flowers Lose Their Smell
     Alka Roy

Fuzzy Liberty
     Dipika Mukherjee

Loops and Arches
     Munize M. Khasru

More Fiction

Woodchuck vs. The Hank Williams Zombie
     Ted Pelton

Lost and Found
     Joan Gelfand

Much More Poetry

The Passengers
The History of Entanglements

     John Gallaher

What Layers of Imposture
What secreted for the future // bardic or technological
     Nava Fader

Pygmalion's Embrace
     Ellen Tabios

     Katrinka Moore

Artificial Life
Not About This
     Michael Gessner

Blood Will Tell
Hiawatha and Hardhat
     Craig Paulenich

On The Uses, Abuses, Advantages and Disadvantages of Memory for Life
     Michael Kelleher

     Brooks Johnson

Cleopatra's Conquest
Annie Oakley: The Peerless Lady

Whirling With the Dervishes
     Ann Taylor

On the Electrodynamics of Dying Bodies
     Kimberly Ruth

Tree of Heaven: Alianthus Altissima
     Aaron Lowinger

Three Poems
     Jessica Baron

New Voices

Syyskuun 11
     Jennifer Ciotta

Dancing with Stuart
     Frances Grote

The Coffin Trains of Ghana
     Joseph Blythe



Andrei Codrescu goes on the yadda-yadda trail with Mark Spitzer's students. Do they ask any questions worth answer- ing? Does he say anything worth hearing? ... Um.


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