Del Sol Review #18
       Everlasting Delays and Bitching


 Poetry Sponge Bars, Fiction as More, Non-fiction Without Charles, and Sylvia Plath ... again. On again, off again, the way gravity defies wind. I always get it wrong, timing--like a focus group gone awry. Tonight, my corner of the self needs tending, your undivided attention (resins of fresh coffee at 2 am.). Derek wonderful.


Your Finest Clothes Are Those You
    Wear as Soldiers
The Moon Becomes You

The Curve of Death
How Will My Enemies
     Amy King

Dear Reader
You Should Question:
     Cynthia Atkins

Self-Portrait as Postscript
Water, Fight
House Arrest
     Christopher Locke

end of day/Texas wind
when we drive this way
     Carolyn Smart

What Cannot Be Determined
Wild Poppies at Solstice
Healing Tongues
Domestic Affairs and Foreign Policy
     Pamela Uschuk

Inosculation, an Ode to Walt Whitman
Dear God, Postmodernism Is Dead
     Afaa "Michael" Weaver

Not Enough Sin To Go Around
Not That Kind of Pain
Under Commiseration
     Bill Yarrow


Trains & Spaces
     Meghan K. Barnes

Monkey Proof
     Rusty Barnes

     Jacqueline Bishop

A Mate for the Soul
     Duff Brenna

The Beating
     Cary Tennis

Cross My Heart
     K. M. Clark

Where Will I Go in Search of Your Safety?
     Kristen Clodfelter

In the Library
     John Delfino

The Challenger
     Thomas Fleming


     Mattias Freese

Not My Suicide
     Cynthia Gregory

Over-the-Counter Cold Remedies
     Richard Holinger

Laughter on the Wind
     Milton Lyles

Cut The Rug
     Paula Williams

Clementine and Dearest
     Kati Thompson

The Illustrious Coffins of Baba Nooey
     Kari Pilgrim

Wizzie's Room
     Charles Salzberg


Hanging with a Master

     Derek Alger

Seeking Sylvia in the Rare Book Room
     Adrianne Kalfopoulou

On Books & Islands
     Linda Lappin

Addicted to FarmVille? Moi?
     R.A. Rycraft

Communal Pioneering
     Joyce J. Townsend




DSR Issue #17
INTERNATIONAL TYPES OF TALES issue - Jeffrey Greene, Amelia Rosselli, John Domini, Deborah Woodard, Harold Suretsky, Michael Brodsky, Doren Robbins, Jacqueline Kolosov, Susan Tiberghien, Linda Lappin, and Russell Scott Valentino, with poetry from the archives.

DSR-15b DSR Issue #16
WOODCHUCK STRANGE PELTON STUFF issue - Amy King, Alka Roy, Dipika Mukherjee, Munize M. Khasru, Ted Pelton, Joan Gelfand, John Gallaher, Nava Fader ...

DSR Issue #15
CONVENIENT ACTS OF BEHAVIOR issue - Michael Neff, Mary Jo Bang, Daniel Morrow, Robert Hill Long, Ann Garvin, Melissa Broder, Aileen Yo, F. Daniel Rzicznek, Brad Richard, Diana Adams....

DSR Issue #14
HOT SEX issue - Tim Tomlinson, Daniel Grandbois, Charles Fort, Franziska Sperr, Wendy Mnookin, Terry Wolverton, Ernest Hilbert, Christopher Burawa ...

DSR Issue #13
Nin Andrews, Jane Unrue, Shaun Levin, Ander Monson, Robert Hill Long, Daniel Olivas, Richard Zimler, Beatrice Edwards, Polonskaya Anzhelina, John Kryder, Michael Ansara ...

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Simon Perchik, Annie Finch, Bino Realuyo, Carlos Reyes, Michael Martone, Leissa Shahrak, Louis Giron, B.E. Petronelli ...

DSR Issue #11
Darryl Scroggins, Michael Brodsky, Gabriela Popa, Nin Andrews, Candace Moore, Peter Johnson ...

DSR Issue #10
Luísa Costa Gomes, Brenda Glasure, Jill Stegman, Khan Wong, Johannes Beilharz, AnnMarie Eldon ...

DSR Issue #9
Michael Molinero, Luísa Costa Gomes, Cynthia Hartwig, Vicki Lindner, Stuart Connelly ...

DSR Issue #8
Shelly Berc, Ander Monson, Maria Terrone, Wesley McNair, Michael Rothenberg ...

DSR Anthology
Dawn Raffel, Diane Williams, Deborah Oline Unferth, Andy Mozina, Michael Martone, Joe Ahearn, Daniel Bosch, Stephen Burt, Shira Dentz, Linh Dinh, Forrest Gander, Pamela Gemin, Holly Iglesias, Peter Johnson, Daniel Moolten, Allyson Shaw, Meg Tyler ...

DSR Issue #7
Karen Holmberg, Pamela Alexander, Diane Wald, Rose-Marie London, Peter Johnson, David Lloyd, Nin Andrews ...

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Barry Silesky, Maxine Chernoff, Gojmir Polajnar, Paul West, Edward Kim, Robert Coover, Stephanie Strickland, Meg Tyler ...

DSR Issue #5
Daniel Bosch, Joanna Wos, Holly Iglesias, Lori Gottlieb, Jane Mead, Michael Martone, Stephen Burt ...



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